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Guided by our mission and values aimed towards your independence at home, addressing your needs is a commitment we take seriously.

Vision’s Of Helping Hands is a provider of personal care agency committed to rendering compassionate care to our clients right at home. We focus on helping them achieve optimal independence in their homes which often becomes hard to attain with old age, injury, chronic illness or disability.

We understand that you or your family may be wary of letting an unfamiliar person into your home, let alone give you care. For peace of mind, we make sure to match every client with a caregiver whose personality, work ethics and skill sets complement your needs and that of the family.

In fulfilling our commitment to you, we are guided by our Mission and Core Values:

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Our mission is to be a leader in providing the highest quality and most comprehensive care available. We are here to make a difference to our clients who are unable to; or need assistance with performing daily duties and activities while remaining in the privacy of their own home.

Core Values

Our core values are founded on SERVICE:

  • S – Sincerity. We are sincere in our drive to help every client.
  • E – Excellence. We render services with the highest level of excellence.
  • R – Reliability. Our carers are there to assist you with anything our clients need.
  • V – Virtue. The virtues we follow reflect on what we do.
  • I – Independence. This is our ultimate goal for every client.
  • C – Consistency. We provide consistent quality service.
  • E – Empathy. We understand what our clients go through so we provide the necessary services to help them out.

If you wish to inquire about how we can further help you, please contact 414-979-1096 or schedule your appointment online.

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